Energy Management Services

Negawatt Energy Solutions (NES) currently assists a significant number of leading business, corporate and government organizations manage their energy portfolios, specifically in the Natural Gas, LPG and Electricity markets.   NES is a product of a modern philosophy on energy management and sustainability operating throughout Australia and New Zealand in partnership with businesses just like yours.

Our company’s highly skilled team of energy experts works with you to reduce your bottom line and improve your energy efficiency on a sustained basis.  We aim to engage our customers as partners, and together, procure, manage, optimize, monitor and save energy.

Save money on your purchasing of energy in Brisbane, save money by using it more efficiently, engage pro-actively in the market, get the most out of your existing infrastructure with commercial energy management services,, use new technologies to your advantage, and report on what you are doing clearly and comprehensively. 


Most businesses are paying too much for their power and are unable as a one off operator to secure the best price. Understanding the market dynamics and pricing influences is paramount to securing the lowest energy pricing. We have been specializing in energy procurement and working with electricity retailers for almost 20 years and in most cases can better your supply pricing significantly from your current contract, even in a rising market we will maximise your energy savings.

Air Conditioning operation

Air Conditioning could be using up 70% of your total power, so it is crucial that this equipment is Operating at maximum efficiency. We install an intelligent thermostat controller that improves the performance of air conditioning installations by optimising the compressor run time and reducing compressor cycling, reducing energy consumption by up to 40%.


Replace your old lighting technology with new, state of the art, LED lighting. We are able to match or improve lighting quality and maintain occupant comfort, leveraging government rebates where available.

Ongoing Support, Monitoring, Control and Reporting

Our ongoing monitoring solution enables you to achieve maximum savings. 24/7 live assistance and dashboard; View reporting for multiple sites; Customizable user access permissions for personnel; On the ground support by local refrigeration mechanics and electricians.

Demand Reductions

In most cases, a large section of your Network Tariff, which comprises approximately 50% of your bill, is a Demand or Capacity Charge. Your peak may spike on one occasion in the middle of summer when you turn on much of your heavy using equipment at the same time- such as air conditioning and refrigeration and you will then continually be charged for that amount ongoing.  We will monitor your usage and look for opportunities to avoid these spikes, saving up to 50% on these charges. Meaning big savings.

Refrigeration and Cool Room efficiencies

In businesses where there are cold rooms and refrigeration we can reduce consumption by 30% or more. By adding control modules to compressor units, in addition to new temperature dispersant thermostats, we reduce compressor running times, stagger fan operation and prevent short cycling (cutting in and out frequently). This dramatically decreases power consumption, wear and breakdown.

Reduced Maintenance and repair costs

Over time equipment drifts from settings and errors develop in electrical and mechanical components in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. Small faults and failures in minor components such as a thermostat or relay can go un- detected for months or years and double or treble power consumption. It can also cause major mechanical damage to equipment. The Building Tuner will monitor usage to enable you to identify any issues so that repairs can be undertaken to avoid power wastage and significant damage to equipment.