Is Your Commercial Energy Contract Competitive?

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Negotiating A New Energy Contract?

If you’re more than 6 months out from the renewal of your current energy contract you could be in a strong position to minimise the contract renewal price across your building energy assets.

Want a better contract renewal?

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Smart Energy Management Is Smarter Business

Compare Retailers

How well does your offer do against market benchmarks?

Positioned to Win

Have you got the market advantage to attract the best bids?

Efficient Energy

Is your load profile efficient or a profit leak?

Independent Agent

Want unbiased representation and advice every time?

No Fee Independent Comparison

Is the price you’re reviewing the best you can secure in the market?

An automatic renewal offer may not be the best price for your business and could end up costing you more even with the same retailer.

We benchmark your price against the current market and provide an independent comparison of the current price against recently received retail offers.

With 15+ years industry knowledge we know what motivates retailers to submit competitive offers to your business.

If your offer is competitive and you have the best price the market will offer in front of you, we’ll recommend you stay with the offer.

That’s fee free advice.

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Reduce Cost And Increase Savings

It could be as simple as getting a better energy price, but efficient energy consumption turns your contract into a Win/Win.

To reduce energy costs your RFP needs to receive the best market bids. Better bids start with a high-level assessment of your load profile.

We look for opportunities across total energy usage in your building to give you an estimate of cost, saving and payback with recommendations for more efficient energy consumption.

We streamline the complex process of renewing your energy contract, so you have an advantage when your proposal is in market.

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Client Reviews

Fantastic Service

A friend suggested we check our electricity renewal as our costs kept increasing greatly each quarter. So we engaged Negawatt for an independent review – couldn’t be happy with the result!

John | Brisbane

Reduced our Energy Costs

The team at Negawatt reviewed our business energy consumption and has saved us $100’s each month.

Peter | Gold Coast

Get the latest Energy Market Insights

Market Update

Market Update

By now many would be aware of the unscheduled outage at the Callide Generator in QLD.  This has had a detrimental impact on pricing which is not expected to last long. The impact of Callide has been immediate, with significant increases in spot prices. ...

Supply Optimisation

Supply Optimisation

Your purchase contract for the supply for your energy is a crucial part of the energy efficiency puzzle.  It is necessary to “get this right” so that you are buying power at the best possible price in a manner that reflects your organisation’s activities. To...

Market Update

Market Update

Market Pricing has dropped materially for Q12021, obviously reduced demand during COVID and impacts to business were a major contributor, but more recently: La Nina – Much cooler weather during January than is normal Unusually good baseload availability – In previous...

Help For Consumers impacted by COVID-19

Help For Consumers impacted by COVID-19

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has issued the following announcement extending the expectations for support for customers to 31st March, 2021: Support is available for residential and small businesses customers experiencing financial stress as a result of...

ERM Power Rebrand

ERM Power Rebrand

You may or may not be aware that ERM Power was acquired by Shell? ERM is now in the process of rebranding as Shell Energy and from February/March the new brand will have been implemented. What does this mean for ERM Power customers? Well, nothing really, other than...

HVAC Pre-Cooling

HVAC Pre-Cooling

We all know it happens, those super hot days the HVAC gets a work out and often struggles to cool areas effectively.  Demand spikes and consumption skyrockets! Astute customers looking to improve their energy efficiency and achieve electricity cost reductions are...


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