In the wake of devastating natural disasters, the true strength of a community is revealed. This was evident when recent storms hit Coomera and Tamborine on the Gold Coast, causing widespread damage and power outages. Amidst the chaos, Negawatt Energy Solutions stepped up, providing essential support and embodying the spirit of unity and compassion.

Coomera Holiday Village: A Shelter in the Storm

The storms left Coomera Holiday Village, a home to 90 residents including many elderly and disadvantaged individuals, without power for nearly two weeks. The situation was dire, with residents struggling to meet basic needs. Negawatt Energy Solutions recognized the urgent need for intervention and sprang into action.

Their generous donations ensured that residents received meals and cold drinks, bringing a semblance of normalcy and comfort during this challenging time. The act of kindness from Negawatt not only provided immediate relief but also instilled hope. This act showed the residents that they were not alone in their struggles.

Chainsaw Champions: Volunteers with a Mission

Tamborine, the most severely affected area on the Gold Coast, saw a remarkable response from the community. A dedicated group of volunteers, known as Chainsaw Champions, worked tirelessly to clear debris and restore safety to the area. This group, often consisting of 40 to 60 volunteers daily, faced physical exhaustion and needed nourishment to continue their critical work.

Negawatt Energy Solutions again played a pivotal role, supplying meals, snacks, and cold drinks to the hardworking Chainsaw Champions. This support was vital in keeping the volunteers energised and motivated, highlighting the importance of community solidarity in times of crisis.

A Community United

The recent natural disasters underscored the resilience and unity of the Gold Coast communities. Negawatt Energy Solutions’ swift and generous response provided immediate relief and showcased the power of compassion and community support. Their efforts not only addressed physical needs but also offered emotional comfort, reinforcing the belief that together, communities can overcome any adversity.

Negawatt’s commitment to the community is a shining example of how organizations can make a tangible difference in times of need. Their actions during these challenging times have left an indelible mark on the residents of Coomera and Tamborine. They proved that kindness and solidarity can light the way through even the darkest of times.