Coronavirus Impacts to Business | Negawatt Energy Solutions?

I recently discovered that on the Gold Coast alone, there were 22,000 less people visiting than normal last week, this was largely attributed to travel concerns and restrictions due to the Coronavirus.  On discussing with many other customers, it is apparent that this trend prevails in all industries that rely on tourism and travel, and ancillary services.

With declining revenues, many organisations are seeking to reduce their operating costs and have turned to Negawatt Energy Solutions to investigate ways to reduce their expenditure on electricity and natural gas, which is often a material line item in their budgets.  We have been able to deliver some almost immediate savings for some customers, with others seeing savings starting to impact in coming weeks and months.

If your revenues are impacted, or you simply want to explore options to reduce your costs, we have a range of energy saving solutions that may be applicable to your environment.

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