Energy efficiency  boosts the bottom line

Reduce costs with energy efficiency solutions

improve energy efficiency

Efficient energy consumption means competitive energy cost

Controlled energy usage through efficiency solutions smooths out energy consumption and demand.  We help you identify improvements for predictable energy demand and have leverage in reducing your energy costs.

commercial energy audit

The Smart Energy Approach

Maximise cost reduction, revenue generation and regulatory compliance

Optimise significant energy demands

If your business relies on significant energy demand for air conditioning, coolroom refrigeration, lighting, or other high usage power requirements, reducing consumption and avoiding peak load spikes through efficiency solutions will cut costs by up to 50% without impacting energy supply.

Reduce Maintenance and repair costs

Undetected faults and failures in minor components such as a thermostat or relay can double or treble consumption. Building and Asset Tuning monitors usage and enables you to identify issues to avoid power wastage and significant damage to equipment.

Save avoidable cost with live monitoring

Our cloud-based ongoing monitoring system provides in time reporting for multiple sites and 24/7 access for live assistance. With customisable features you have visibility and control to monitor energy usage and save burning money through inefficient energy usage.

Efficient energy is good for business and good for the planet

Efficient energy solutions help your business thrive with lower costs, less waste, with less impact on the planet and the communities your business serves.  Efficient energy consumption is more than a cost saving, it’s also preserving our planet for future generations.

Get the latest Energy Market Insights

Market Update

Market Update

Market Pricing has dropped materially for Q12021, obviously reduced demand during COVID and impacts to business were a major contributor, but more recently: La Nina – Much cooler weather during January than is normal Unusually good baseload availability – In previous...

Help For Consumers impacted by COVID-19

Help For Consumers impacted by COVID-19

The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) has issued the following announcement extending the expectations for support for customers to 31st March, 2021: Support is available for residential and small businesses customers experiencing financial stress as a result of...

ERM Power Rebrand

ERM Power Rebrand

You may or may not be aware that ERM Power was acquired by Shell? ERM is now in the process of rebranding as Shell Energy and from February/March the new brand will have been implemented. What does this mean for ERM Power customers? Well, nothing really, other than...

HVAC Pre-Cooling

HVAC Pre-Cooling

We all know it happens, those super hot days the HVAC gets a work out and often struggles to cool areas effectively.  Demand spikes and consumption skyrockets! Astute customers looking to improve their energy efficiency and achieve electricity cost reductions are...

Demand Response and Reduction

Demand and Capacity Charges make up a significant portion of your electricity invoice, if you review you will see that it can often account for roughly 25% of your total bill.  Networks have gradually transitioned their tariff structures to focus more on Demand and...

Commission Based Brokerage

Financial comparison site iSelect has been ordered to pay $8.5million as it misled customers choosing electricity plans.  They have admitted that their commercial arrangements with electricity retailers restricted the plans available to customers, meaning that the...


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