Why High Demand Levels Expected While Considering Energy?

“Australia is staring down the barrel of a horrific summer season that will drag scorching temperatures and extreme conditions well into the new year.”  Reported by Robyn Wuth on 23rd November https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/bom-weather-map-paints-horrible-picture-of-upcoming-summer/news-story/8707802d6ef9f78a844517b66a4bf05c#.xc4w7


That right, forecasts are for a long, hot, dry Summer, with the “scorching temperatures and extreme conditions” will come an increased demand for electricity, refrigeration demand increases, air conditioning demand increases.  Conversely, there is a trend for generation to drop, with hydro generators below capacity, we are already seeing the Snowy Hydro and supply from the Basslink in Tasmania well below capacity.


Now is the time to act decisively and do what you can to improve the efficiency of your equipment.  It is relatively easy to improve the efficiency of your refrigeration and air conditioning with low cost options.

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