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We all know it happens, those super hot days the HVAC gets a work out and often struggles to cool areas effectively.  Demand spikes and consumption skyrockets!

Astute customers looking to improve their energy efficiency and achieve electricity cost reductions are implementing misting systems to pre-cool the HVAC.  These systems work on central plant with chillers, and also on packaged air conditioner units with similar results.

A recent implementation in Sydney has seen Demand reduce by an estimated 18.5% and consumption reduce by 21.8% on comparable days with similar temperature conditions.

Where ambient temperatures are high, as they often are on rooftops and outdoor areas where HVAC plant is located, the systems work a lot harder to reduce temperatures.  By using a misting system to pre-cool the outdoor units and reduce the ambient temperatures, they operate more efficiently.  There is no concern with corrosion to coils etc, and options exist to treat the coils to keep them clean and further improve efficiency.

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