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Simply described, air conditioning and refrigeration operates on the basis of using compressed gases to cool a condenser coil that is used to make the spaces cooler.  Unfortunately, these condenser coils are normally located outdoors, operating in temperatures often exceeding 35 degrees or more.  The problem is, most air conditioning and refrigeration systems are not designed to operate effectively above 35 degrees, and you are trying to make something cold in a hot environment.

Recent case studies have demonstrated that by making the environment that the condenser operates in cooler, the system operates more effectively and with significantly lower energy consumption.  That doesn’t mean putting condensers in the fridge!  By implementing a high-pressure misting system to pre-cool air entering the condenser units, the operating environment becomes cooler and everything works better.  High-pressure misting systems can be very water efficient so there is no concern with water wastage, and operating costs are negligible.  The same system can be used to cool outdoor areas more effectively than fans.  In a recent case study, with outside air temps at 36 degrees, the temperature at the condenser was reduced from 45.5 degrees to 26.3 degrees with savings in operating costs of 25%.

Additional benefits include the ability to treat the condenser coils after hours to keep them clean and free from corrosion and oxidants which impact their longevity and performance.

We have recently started implementing pre-cooling systems and the results are astounding in delivering energy efficiency and savings.

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