Does Your Building Have a Building Automation System?

Does your building have a Building Automation System?

Do you wait for it to generate alarms when things have failed, then madly rush to fix them?

Why wait until it breaks! The Building Tuner for buildings with a BAS constantly reviews the operation of your building’s assets and the operating performance is analysed using highly advanced analytics and sophisticated algorithms to detect potential faults or inefficiencies that enable you to pro-actively maintain your systems before they fail.  We recently identified an inefficiency for a site where both Chillers were running at 100% load, this had not been reported as a fault in the BAS, but Building Tuner identified the issue and the customer was able to rapidly resolve the fault.

In addition, it monitors your Building’s demand, thermal properties, current weather conditions and dynamically adjusts settings in real time to reduce consumption and improve occupant comfort.  On one building a 44% reduction in demand charges has been achieved.

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