Stung by Summer Demand? | Negawatt Energy Solutions

How did your load profile look over the December and January extreme weather conditions?  If you don’t know you really need to talk to us.  Like most, your demand and capacity charges probably increased due to higher demand for air conditioning.  If you are really unlucky your network sets your capacity charges for the next 12 months based on that peak for 30 minutes or even applied a “Peak” or “Summer” demand surcharge.


The reality is it has nothing to do with luck!  Astute facility managers with Building Management Systems have implemented the Building Tuner, which enables them to automatically constrain demand during these extreme weather events.  One customer who has previously “peaked” around 670kVa stayed under 380kVa by having chiller capacity and set points dynamically adjusted for brief periods to avoid the excess demand, with no impact to occupant comfort.


This could be you also, contact us to find out how.


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