testNegawatt uses over 15 years of procurement experience in the Australian and New Zealand markets to ensure that you are purchasing at the best possible price for your LPG, Natural Gas and Electricity. Purchasing energy at the right price and with the right contractual structure is the single most important way you can reduce energy costs and energy cost risks.

The Supply Optimisation acts as a bridge between you and the energy marketplace, analyzing your consumption and risk profiles, reviewing supply and demand influences and then leveraging market conditions as they evolve. This includes determining appropriate contract lengths to take advantage of medium-long term pricing influences, and the right time to renegotiate your position with a forward contract that takes advantage of short-term pricing influences. Energy pricing is very volatile in response to a range of influences, we have extensive experience in monitoring these influences and navigating around adverse pricing. Getting it wrong even a little can have a seriously detrimental impact on your pricing.

Supply Optimisation improves your engagement with suppliers to get you the best structured product at the best price, and then monitors this to keep you optimized and leverage ongoing changes in network, regulatory and other pricing.

In a rising market, Supply Optimisation is about cost avoidance, and in a falling market, capitalizing on savings opportunities.