Air Conditioning is inefficient to use Energy Optimization!

As we head in to the warmer months, smart businesses looking for an energy saving solution are using the Building Tuner air conditioning module to achieve energy efficiency, an intelligent thermostat controller that improves the performance of air conditioning installations by optimising the compressor run time and reducing compressor cycling

Each air conditioner unit has a maximum design capacity – the maximum temperature at which it can operate effectively and maintain a desired set-point.  In these conditions, the compressor runs continuously to supply refrigerant in both heating and cooling cycles.  Most of the time conditions are milder, and the operation of the compressor is controlled by the thermostat using a crude control logic: if temperature 1° above set point go ON, if the temperature 1° below set point go OFF.

It takes the unit a certain amount of time to lower or raise the room temperature by 1°, depending on the load, ventilation, sensor placement etc., during which the thermostat will keep the compressor running continuously.

The Module’s secret weapon is a patented algorithmic energy optimization control methodology, which optimizes the refrigerant supply.  Easily installed together with two temperature sensors, it monitors the thermodynamic (room temperature) and the hydraulic (refrigerant supply) performance of the air conditioning system to eliminate periods of unnecessary work.  Even better, there is a module for Coolrooms also.

Here’s just some of the electricity savings achieved:

Office Block in Sydney – $55,000 p.a.

Helensvale Rugby Union Club – 35% energy reduction in coolroom

Pub in Rockhampton – Savings of $12,000 p.a.

Gym in Orange NSW – Savings of $7,000 p.a.

Car Dealership in QLD – Savings of 25% on total energy cost

For more information, get in touch with our energy brokers in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

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