Negawatt Energy Services (NES) currently assists a significant number of leading corporate and government organizations manage their energy portfolios, specifically in the Natural Gas, LPG and Electricity markets.

NES is a product of a modern philosophy on energy management and sustainability operating throughout Australia and New Zealand.

NES’ best practice management strategies satisfy the full spectrum of your business’ energy management needs, from Building & Asset Optimisation, Demand Response and Capacity Management Programs to Energy Efficiency and Commodity Supply Management. Our highly skilled team of energy experts works with you to reduce your bottom line and improve your energy efficiency on a sustained basis.

We aim to engage our customers as partners, and together, procure, manage, optimize, monitor and save energy.

Save money on your purchasing of energy, save money by using it more efficiently, engage pro-actively in the market, get the most out of your existing infrastructure, use new technologies to your advantage, and report on what you are doing clearly and comprehensively.