Make your equipment work smarter, not harder

Simply described, air conditioning and refrigeration operates on the basis of using compressed gases to cool a condenser coil that is used to make the spaces cooler.  Unfortunately, these condenser coils are normally located outdoors, operating in temperatures often exceeding 35 degrees or more.  The problem is, most air conditioning and refrigeration systems are not designed to… more

Stung by Summer Demand?

How did your load profile look over the December and January extreme weather conditions?  If you don’t know you really need to talk to us.  Like most, your demand and capacity charges probably increased due to higher demand for air conditioning.  If you are really unlucky your network sets your capacity charges for the next 12 months… more

Coronavirus Impacts to Business?

I recently discovered that on the Gold Coast alone, there were 22,000 less people visiting than normal last week, this was largely attributed to travel concerns and restrictions due to the Coronavirus.  On discussing with many other customers, it is apparent that this trend prevails in all industries that rely on tourism and travel, and ancillary services…. more

Electricity Market Update

As expected, pricing is currently very high due to the Summer Demand conditions.  This has been exacerbated materially due to the impact of bushfires with the interconnect between NSW and VIC disconnected due to damage, and major damage to the Transmission Network impacting the ability to deliver power from Generators such as Snowy Hydro.  These are not… more

Optimising Buildings With Building Automation

Does your building have a Building Automation System? Do you wait for it to generate alarms when things have failed, then madly rush to fix them? Why wait until it breaks! The Building Tuner for buildings with a BAS constantly reviews the operation of your building’s assets and the operating performance is analysed using highly advanced analytics… more

Why High Demand Levels Expected While Considering Energy?

“Australia is staring down the barrel of a horrific summer season that will drag scorching temperatures and extreme conditions well into the new year.”  Reported by Robyn Wuth on 23rd November   That right, forecasts are for a long, hot, dry Summer, with the “scorching temperatures and extreme conditions” will come an increased demand for electricity,… more

Electricity Market Update

Last month, The Australian Energy Market Operator took unprecedented action to constrain the allowable output from five large scale solar farms in VIC and NSW to half of their capacity due to concerns with “system strength” caused by voltage fluctuations impacting power system security.  In further moves that many observers suspect as a strategy to push solar… more

Your Air Conditioning is inefficient!

As we head in to the warmer months, smart businesses looking for an energy saving solution are using the Building Tuner air conditioning module to achieve energy efficiency, an intelligent thermostat controller that improves the performance of air conditioning installations by optimising the compressor run time and reducing compressor cycling Each air conditioner unit has a maximum… more

Tendering VS Reverse Auction

Whilst NEGAWATT ENERGY SOLUTIONS is of the firm belief that a Reverse Auction will not deliver the most favourable outcome for customers, due to demand, we have made this procurement process available. In a Reverse Auction process, retailers commence submitting offers ABOVE their minimum sell price stipulated by their traders, reducing their offer if/when competing retailers submit… more