Large Commercial and Industrial Air Conditioning systems with a cooling tower and central plant with chillers are often hugely inefficient due to the location of the installation.  They are often installed on rooftops or in plants rooms that maintain high levels of ambient heat when the systems are working hardest.

These units use a chilled water loop to distribute air conditioning throughout the building, and this chilled water loop is cooled using a Chiller unit that has coils to dissipate heat.  These coils can reach extremely high temperatures due to ambient air temperatures in their installed locations, and by pre-cooling these coils using a misting system, the loads placed on the Chiller Unit are significantly reduced with improved cooling capacity and a reduction in maintenance costs.  This materially impacts energy usage as Chillers, and their associated compressors, are generally the highest power consumption point in a commercial air conditioning system, so the less work they have to do to overcome ambient temperatures, the less energy they consume with efficiency gains of up to 30%.

In a NES customer installation which has been running for the last summer, we have estimated energy reductions to exceed 15% with a payback of under 1.2 years.  The solution also works well on medium and large packaged units that do not have separate cooling towers and chillers.

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